Saturday, April 9, 2011

Section 2-Finn- (3rd draft)

 Dad used the extra money (that he got from my mom, and the money he says is the part of they guys' income that doesn't go to a babysitter) for me to go to a nice private school. I've got friends, and I'm not centered into just one clique, and I've gone to sleepovers and birthday parties and been to movies with people, but my real life is at home. My real life is with Tom, Dad, Emmett, and Alex at "The Black Alley". I've never had a boyfriend. Emmett says he'd just about fall over dead if I came home and said I had a boyfriend. One time, I heard Dad quietly agree with him at breakfast, and I decided to set the record straight--to see if a boyfriend was an option in the future. Why? Well, because I figured it would be fun...and entertaining.
   "I heard that," I pointed at him and raised my eyebrows. "But I need to know--for future reference purposes only," I said. "Are you all against me having a boyfriend?" Alex stopped playing his ukelele and looked across the room at Dad, who was looking at me.
   "Well...I guess not..." he smiled his smile.
   "Woah! Woah!" Emmett held his hands up. "You're not going to consult the Black Alley Council about it?" he dropped his voice to a whisper. "You know you can't make a big decision like that by yourself! You're her father!" 
   Tom and I rolled our eyes. Tom turned to me and held my gaze, "Evie [pronounced Ehv-ee] Amberlyn Nadíama Yvonne Ayara Ashton Sparks, what Emmett here is trying to say is..." Tom quickly moved over to Emmett and put his fingers around Emmett's mouth. Tom moved his fingers so it kind of looked like Emmett was talking...but not really.
   "I just don't want my little girl to grow up so fast. Of course you can have a boyfriend--whenever you want! But you have to tell me first as soon as you get home, okay? I love you," Tom said in a deep voice. Emmett playfully pushed Tom off and gazed at me.
   "Words right out of my mouth," he said gruffly. I gave him a hug and turned to look at Alex.
   "Why you wan'ta ask me? I know nothing 'bout these things," and he began to play Cielito Lindo on his ukelele and he sang along, smiling at me.
   "Well, that's settled then," Dad said. "You can have all the boyfriends you want, according to the Council here!" he rolled his eyes.
   "Oh, boy!" I said cheerfully, rolling my eyes in response. I stuffed the rest of my toast in my mouth and traipsed around the room to give everyone a kiss on their stubbly cheeks. As I grabbed my backpack, Dad called out to me,
   "Only one boy at a time, though!"
   "Okay! Whatever!" I yelled back, rolling my eyes yet again. Today was a day for the eye-rolling and I hoped my eyes wouldn't get stuck like that, even if it wasn't permanent. I walked to the back door so I could take the trash out.
   "You think that was a 'Yes, I will, father' or a 'No way on your life'?" I heard Emmett ask my dad as I tramped out. There was a pause, and then,
   "I guess we'll just have to wait and find out."


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